What is this site and how to use it


SoundsGoodMan.com is an Independent Music Label with 20 bands and close to 100 songs as of today covering a very wide range of music. Give a listen to as much as possible please.

Most of the music here are singles, but there are some albums.

When you reach the Home Page you will see album or music single cover art for several songs and if you click on one it takes you to the page that has a player for that song (if it’s a single) or the album where you can listen to a clip of the song and can purchase the whole song by clicking on the little shopping cart where it takes you to cdBaby which is the digital distributor for all songs and bands on SoundsGoodMan.com

If you’d like to listen to the next song just scroll down to right above where the page turns purple and click the left or right arrow to get to the previous or next song (or album).

cdBaby calls all songs “albums” but you will see if it’s more than one song.

There is also a page with videos with shorter clips of 10 songs a piece so you can preview more, faster but as of today there are only videos for the first 90 songs, more vids will come soon.

If you scroll down into the purple part of any page you’ll see categories and pages that cover most anything you may want to see or know including help on how to download, etc.

Please know it is greatly appreciated for you to support independent music. Without support from listeners independent musicians aren’t able to devote time to their craft and the songs, the writing and recording and you make that possible, so THANK YOU!

If you would like to be involved in a collaboration or have any questions, have any problems or see issues with the site or would like to sign up for the free monthly newsletter for updates and you’ll get one free song per month! Please Contact Us with questions or to sign up for the free song and newsletter by Clicking Here.

Thanks for supporting Independent art and artists!


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