March 3, 2020
Most the songs that will be moved to SoundsGoodMan Records https://SoundsGoodManRecords.com are in the process with a new one added!
There’s not much here SoundsGoodMan.com anymore and so please check the other site knowing the last moved songs will be added mostly every day.

Eventually when you type in this domain name it will go to the other automatically but not for now.



UPDATE again…
Feb 19, 2020

Most the site and many of the songs are over on the new site, so please visit




There’s now a 2nd SoundsGoodMan site…

A 2nd SoundsGoodMan site, why?

Good question!

The answer is the digital distributor for all 100 songs of the 20 bands has
UPDATE again…
Most the site and close to half the songs are over on the new site, so please visit
http://SoundsGoodManRecords.com changed how they do things, so I am in the midst of shifting all the songs, info, artwork etc to a new way, so the new site (SoundsGoodManRecords.com) will be slowly built while this older one (SoundsGoodMan.com) is still available for you to check out the songs, albums and videos of short clips but which will NOT have any newer songs added as they come to life.

 Just an FYI, for now you can still listen to the clips here but they are only 30 second clips and links to buy the songs don’t work.

And also, I am taking content (players, photos, text) off this site and moving it to the new site so please just go there. https://SoundsGoodManRecords.com

I am updating and already there are a over 25 songs available to listen to, stream or buy through many places such as iTunes, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon, eMusic, 7digital, RN Direct and many more through the new, possibly easier to navigate site SoundsGoodMan Records.
So, the 100 songs and 20 bands (and growing) on this site only play short clips, but the songs will be added (as I can, all of them aren’t there yet) to the new site where you can preview the whole song and purchase if you’d like. SoundsGoodMan Records https://www.soundsgoodmanrecords.com/

You will notice those links slowly, one by one added and then a different looPlease visitk to the site.

So please come back, visit the new site http://SoundsGoodManRecords.com and/or contact me if there is one you’d really like and I can get it to you.


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