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If you contact me/us your contact info will never be rented, sold or shared and the only contact from here will be in response to questions or if you sign up for the free monthly newsletter which you can always cancel at any time. By signing up for the newsletter you’ll be able to get one FREE SONG PER MONTH that is the one highlighted in the spotlight. So just sign up by going here to the Contact Page and once a month you’ll get a short email update and a link to the free song and remember you can cancel getting the newsletter or emails at any time.

If you need help or info on downloading, file types, unzipping zipped files etc you can check here or go to CdBaby.

CdBaby (the digital distributor for the music here) handles the billing on their dedicated secure site, I and this site never see any of your billing/credit card info and have nothing to do with that part and are not responsible for anything having to do with billing or your card, they (CdBaby) are responsible for billing and their privacy policy etc, this site and those involved in it are not. CdBaby is a large organization that has been around for years. You can check with them on policies.

CdBaby sends updates to their members and customers, so any contacts from them is from them, not me or this site/label, so check your preferences and settings and their policy at their site if you have any questions or do not want them to contact you.

Any questions please contact me.

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